Covid-19 Decontamination is necessary in workplaces where suspected that  COVID-19 contamination has taken place.

Time is money

Your safety is or concern and takes precedent. However safe and effective COVID-19 decontamination can take place quickly and efficiently by our trained team. In most cases you will have access to your premises within a few hours.

Border Hazmat, as business people, are very aware that closing business premises leads to revenue loss and for this reason we have developed a system that minimises disruption and allows minimal shut down time. By using the latest available technology and chemicals we use a combination of highly effective fogging and surface cleaning.

Border Hazmat use Food Grade decontaminants

Border Hazmat Uses food grade decontaminants, which makes our service safe for food outlets, restaurants, supermarkets and other food sensitive areas.
Border Hazmat’s COVID-19 decontamination and deep cleaning protocols use both surface cleaning and fogging with food grade decontaminants. 

Registered with Department of Labour

The Border hazmat team is trained in decontamination processes and protocols which ensures ours and your safety. Border Hazmat is registered at the Department of Labour as accredited COVID-19 decontaminators.  

According to the World health organisation “fogging or spraying of a workplace after a COVID-19 positive case has been identified should only be conducted by a reputable specialist deep cleaning service provider with the relevant skills and expertise and not a general cleaner, laboratory-based cleaner or staff member. If required, a cleaner (laboratory-based or general) should receive formal training on how to conduct deep cleaning and must be deemed competent prior to conducting deep cleaning of the workplace”.

Border Hazmat complies with all these Covid-19 deep cleaning requirements.

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