spill containment trainingOne of the key defensive measures when it comes to preventing pollution are spill kits, however a more valuable asset is well trained first responders. By ensuring you have suitable spill control and well trained staff you can ensure if a spill does occur its effects will be minimised. Often the health and safety/environmental manager is aware of how to use spill kits, but they are rarely the first responders to a spill. By the time the alarm has been raised and they have gotten to the spill its severity has drastically increased.

Our spill containment training focuses on giving your staff the confidence and competence to properly react in the event of a spill.

A typical spill containment training session lasts about 1 hour and includes a practical demonstration outlining the following:

  • Background on why pollution prevention is so important.
  • Outline your Spill Containment Procedure and discuss in detail decision-making prior to commencing clean up.
  • Ensuring operatives are aware of prioritisation when dealing with a spill situation to protect personnel, environment & property.
  • Highlight additional requirements following clean up i.e. waste disposal, restocking and documentation.
  • A practical demonstration.
  • Question and answer session.
  • Certificates issued to all delegates following training completion.


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